Friday, November 27, 2009

Best of Hurricane Video!!!

Sorry it took me so long, but I finally put up the Best of Hurricane Video on youtube... It's from Hurricanes Ike, Rita, and Katrina... Honestly words can't do it justice so I'll just let people watch... My thoughts and prayers ALWAYS go out to ALL the people affected by these catastrophic hurricanes... Especially the people along the Mississippi Coast which really hit close to the heart for me! There are 3 maybe 4 cuss words, so you have been warned...

© Greg Nordstrom 2005/2008


Saturday, November 21, 2009

The "Canes" hit land...

The "Canes" season came to an end Thursday night with another tough loss to "USA"... We were up 10-6 with less than 2 minutes left when they hit our defense for a long TD pass... Actually the pass was short but the run was about 75 yards... They're a good team and unfortunately they got us at the very end once again... We probably "should" have won, but we didn't and there are no excuses in life... It was a great run though for the "Canes"... I really enjoyed the last 3 years but that was the last intramural game I'll ever play... I'm 29 almost 30, so it's time for me to give it up! Plus honestly my body can't take it like it used to... 3 games in a row was starting to break me down... However, it was a lot of fun and I'm proud of all we accomplished as a team over the last 3 years...

I'll have the best of hurricane video out next week! Sorry I haven't been posting, but with work and intramurals things have been a little busy... Plus honestly there hasn't been a whole lot to talk about... I hope everyone has a great weekend!!!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Canes - 48, Who - 0

Tonight we beat the "Who" 48-0 to make it to the semifinals for the third straight year... To be fair the "Who" were missing some players but we still played very well... Unfortunately I did throw an INT tonight but at the same time I threw 5 TD's... I'm still mad about the INT though... We play "USA" tomorrow at 10pm... They beat us earlier this year 20-19... We played the worst half I've ever seen in my life and were down 20-0 at halftime... Then we started to play very well and just barely lost... I threw a long TD to Ian but we couldn't get the extra point near the end of the game... This is going to be a GREAT game as we're both evenly matched... Everyone is going to have to play well as a team to win... If we can get past "USA" tomorrow we'll play in the championship on Sunday night! Last year we lost in the finals 9-6, so I really want another shot at the title... We have the talent, we just need a good team effort... If we play as a team, and play HARD the entire game, then I like our chances!!!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Canes - 24, CSA - 0...

Tonight was the first round of the playoffs as the Canes beat CSA 24-0... I threw 4 TD passes, 3 to Henry Long and 1 to Ian McLaughlin!!! It was a great overall team effort as our defense shut CSA down... They may have had 2 first downs all night as Ian also added 3 INT's... Tomorrow we're most likely playing the "Who"... This should be a tough matchup but as long as we continue to play as a team I like our chances... If you would like to come watch tomorrow, we're playing at 10pm at the intramural fields... All are welcome!!!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Ida Grades...

I'm going to keep this short:


Again I'm my own biggest critic so I don't give myself this grade lightly... Calling that Ida would make it close to a Category-3 hurricane 4/5 days out when the NHC had it at a max of 45 knots is pretty darn good/lucky... Also the NHC never had Ida making landfall which I did have 4/5 days out... The biggest thing was predicting that Ida would eventually become one heck of a "Nor Easter" days out was the clincher! Again not to pick on the NHC but it had Ida stalling near the Florida Panhandle and NEVER had Ida making her way up the eastern seaboard... Of course there is always A LOT of luck involved with forecasting, especially in the long range, but this was probably one the the better long range forecast I have ever put out... Trust me I've had plenty of bad ones also!


The only reason why I'm not going to give myself an A is because I did think Ida would be 70/75mph at landfall... It died quickly just before landfall but I really did believe it WOULDN'T become extra-tropical which it didn't... However while I got that correct and also had Ida phasing into a strong "Nor Easter" becoming historic because of the duration, I still got the wind speeds at landfall wrong! So again the best I can give myself is a B for that...

Look for my best of hurricane video later this week... I'll probably not get to post too much this week because we have our intramural Co-Rec football playoffs this week... I fully expect (knock on wood) to play 3 straight days... Hopefully will get past Thursday's night game and have a chance to play for the title on Sunday Night! That's is the only reason this old man (29 years old) came back to play against a bunch of 21 year olds... One game at a time though! We play CSA at 9pm on Tuesday if anyone would like to come watch!!! There is a Hurri - "CANE" brewing in the Gulf and it's heading straight for the CSA... Better get your shutters up!!!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Mid-Atlantic "Nor Easter" Video..

BNVN Video - This was shot near Virginia Beach, VA on Thursday 11/12/09... There was a wind gust of 75mph reported at Norfolk International Airport... This is some pretty cool video... I promise I'll get my Ida grades out here soon... Basically it's a high A for the long range forecast and probably a B in a short range... I'll go in more details tomorrow... Also I'm going to get out my best of hurricane video here soon... Probably towards the middle of next week...

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Historic Storm Underway!!!

Ida which phased with the "hybrid" and a trough is now becoming a historic storm! As expected, I knew this was going to be one heck of a storm not because of the pure strength but because of the duration of this storm... There is a state of emergency for Virginia as the winds are now gusting to near 60mph with torrential rains pushing 10 inches + in some places... There is also 30 foot seas just off the coast... There have been many "Nor Easters" stronger than this one but again it's becoming historic because of the duration... Typically these "Nor Easters" move fast enough that you get these effects for 24 maybe 36 hours tops... Some places are going to see tropical storm force conditions for at least 48 hours if not 60 hours straight, resulting in near 50,000 power outages already in Virginia alone... THAT IS A RARE EVENT, especially in November!!!

The main problem is you have this constant onshore flow of over tropical storm force conditions and at the same time you have lots and lots of heavy rain causing the rivers to flow over its banks... This excess flow wants to move towards the ocean but the surge is pushing back against it... Combined this with several high tides and you have a major problem! Remember Virginia is one of the few places on earth that has a tidal river basin which is only making things worst! The storm is getting close to full strength but still expect these conditions to continue for about 24 more hours... Things will really begin to improve Saturday as this "Nor Easter" moves away from the coast! As I said a few days ago, Ida is going to be remembered MUCH MORE for this "Nor Easter" than the hurricane it was near the Yucatan!!!