Sunday, November 15, 2009

Ida Grades...

I'm going to keep this short:


Again I'm my own biggest critic so I don't give myself this grade lightly... Calling that Ida would make it close to a Category-3 hurricane 4/5 days out when the NHC had it at a max of 45 knots is pretty darn good/lucky... Also the NHC never had Ida making landfall which I did have 4/5 days out... The biggest thing was predicting that Ida would eventually become one heck of a "Nor Easter" days out was the clincher! Again not to pick on the NHC but it had Ida stalling near the Florida Panhandle and NEVER had Ida making her way up the eastern seaboard... Of course there is always A LOT of luck involved with forecasting, especially in the long range, but this was probably one the the better long range forecast I have ever put out... Trust me I've had plenty of bad ones also!


The only reason why I'm not going to give myself an A is because I did think Ida would be 70/75mph at landfall... It died quickly just before landfall but I really did believe it WOULDN'T become extra-tropical which it didn't... However while I got that correct and also had Ida phasing into a strong "Nor Easter" becoming historic because of the duration, I still got the wind speeds at landfall wrong! So again the best I can give myself is a B for that...

Look for my best of hurricane video later this week... I'll probably not get to post too much this week because we have our intramural Co-Rec football playoffs this week... I fully expect (knock on wood) to play 3 straight days... Hopefully will get past Thursday's night game and have a chance to play for the title on Sunday Night! That's is the only reason this old man (29 years old) came back to play against a bunch of 21 year olds... One game at a time though! We play CSA at 9pm on Tuesday if anyone would like to come watch!!! There is a Hurri - "CANE" brewing in the Gulf and it's heading straight for the CSA... Better get your shutters up!!!

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