Sunday, November 8, 2009

NHC Now Thinks Hurricane at Landfall...

The NHC's latest advisory now thinks Ida will be a hurricane at landfall and NOT extra-tropical... I've been saying this since Thursday and especially when you see the NHC name things like tropical storm Grace, I was going to be a little frustrated if they called Ida extra-tropical right before landfall... It wouldn't have played into whether I chased or not but it would be very inconstant which is NOT what I want/hope to see... I promise you that Ida, even at landfall, will be more tropical in nature than Grace ever was!!!

My thoughts with chasing are still the same but the main thing that will probably keep me from going is the timing... Ida keeps picking up speed and I think now it will make landfall at dark during the very earilier morning hours of Tuesday... Weakening category-1 hurricane + nighttime = BAD CHASE IMO!!! I'll make my finally decision tomorrow morning but I'm more like 75/25 NO at this point... However things can change quickly!

In the short term I have NO problems with the NHC's track but I STRONGLY DISAGREE with the last two days! Ida is NOT going to turn right and ride along the Florida/Georgia border... The trough is going to pick up both the hybrid and Ida merging them together near Alabama/Georgia!!! With all this energy merging together WATCH OUT for a massive Nor Easter riding up the eastern seaboard... For more info on this refer to a couple posts back (One more thing about Ida)... I'll have an update tomorrow!

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