Sunday, November 8, 2009

One more thing about Ida!!!

No one is really talking about this but Ida is going to eventually merge with the "hybrid" and a cold front to become one BEAST of a Nor Easter!!! Again Ida is NOT going to merge with the "hybrid" in the short term but when they come together with the cold front near Alabama/Georgia, LOOK OUT!!! This is similar to a "perfect storm" setup up but over land instead of water... Am I saying this is going to be as bad as the "perfect storm", HECK NO!!! But this is going to be a very bad storm for the east coast! I'm sorry but the NHC is dead wrong with Ida hugging the Florida Panhandle... Ida and the Hybrid will get picked up by the trough and it's game set match IMO!!! I honestly don't know why the NHC is not seeing this? I know it good to stick with your forecast until the very end but when it's obvious that it's wrong I personally would adjust ASAP!!! This slow adjust on the forecast/intensity is NOT forecasting IMO!!!

Some people are hyping Ida up way too much but at the same time this is a RARE event!!! The only landfalling hurricane in mid-November along the northern Gulf coast in my lifetime that I remember is hurricane Kate in 1985!!! Ida is not going to be bad as far as wind damage but we still should see hurricane force winds (mostly gusts) near Mobile/Pensacola... In mid-November that's BAD!!! Also again don't sleep on the rain potential... Hopefully with Ida moving fairly quick it won't be that horrible!!! So before I go, it's all relative to the time of year... Yes in September a weak hurricane is nothing along the northern Gulf coast, but in mid-November this is a rare event we may not see again for a long long time! You have to keep that in mind when you forecast! Also WATCH OUT for the Nor Easter!!! It's going to be a storm to reckon with!!!

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