Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Ida Now becoming a "Nor Easter"... Poised to LASH the Mid-Atlantic!!!

My thoughts on Ida phasing and becoming a major "Nor Easter" is starting to unfold... The main problem is going to be the duration of this storm! This is not going to be a top 10 "Nor Easter" in terms of pure strength but the duration will make this a storm to remember... Here is a quote from Joe Bastardi about this impending storm, "It is a situation coastal resident should take very seriously. For while you wont get the wind of a hurricane, the amount of damage on the coast from waves will rival any hurricane in the past 25 years from hatteras north I think and with rain amounts to 6 inches in some places as far north as Va beach, The Ghost of Ida has a scary look indeed." My thoughts about this storm from previous posts still apply but I thought this quote summed it up well... I'll have my grades out from Ida sometime tomorrow... People along the North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, Deleware, and Southern New Jersey shores need to get ready for ONE HECK of a storm that will last into Saturday!!!


Anonymous said...

If I were grading your forecast, would give you an A. Seems like you were right about just about everything. When I paraphrased your forecast on Ida to my Red Cross meeting Friday, my colleagues thought I had been taking a meteorology course. I have in a way, learning a lot from weather people on twitter. I did give you full credit.

LDCT said...


Thank you for your kinds words! Sometimes you just get lucky but I really had a STRONG feeling Ida would phase into a monster storm for the mid-atlantic... Thanks again for the A... I appreciate it!!! :-)