Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Ida is NOT done yet!!!

Tropical Storm Ida is now down to 60mph and honestly I'm having trouble believing that looking at satellite imagery... It's probably barely a TS at this point... However, Ida is NOT done!!! Ida is currently merging with the what's left of the "hybrid" energy and a trough to eventually form one heck of a Nor Easter!!! What's left of Ida will pop off the Georgia coast in about 36 hours! Things will start to get crazy then as what's left of Ida will be nearing the gulf stream... Combine that with a trough and you are going to have one NICE storm for the Mid-Atlantic and Southern New England... It's not looking that bad for a lot of New England but from about New Jersey south, ESPECIALLY along North Carolina, Virginia, and the Delmarva coasts, LOOK OUT!!!

You're gong to see about 3 straight days (Wednesday/Thursday/Friday) of constant battering as this "Nor Easter" won't be moving very fast at all... Tuesday expect A LOT of rain across the Southern Appalachian states and by Saturday this storm will begin to weaken and die/move out!!! Expect 50mph + winds, coastal flooding, lots of rain, and also a lot of beach erosion... Basically a strong Nor Easter that won't be moving fast... In the end I really think Ida will be more known for this "Nor Easter" instead of it being a hurricane!!! I posted model images from tonight's 0z GFS above!!!

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