Tuesday, November 3, 2009

More Cool Hurricane Videos...

Here are 4 more AWESOME hurricane storm chase videos I found on youtube... The first one was shot my Michael Laca during Hurricane Hugo's landfall in Puerto Rico! Some of the best hurricane video I've ever seen!!! The second video is also from Michael Laca during Hurricane Elena in Biloxi, MS... BY FAR the best video I've ever seen inside the eye of a major hurricane... The third video is shot by Jim Leonard in Puerto Rico during Hurricane Georges... Amazing video especially with so many palm trees in the background!!! The fourth and final video is also shot by Jim Leonard during Hurricane Charley in Port Charlotte, FL... I was very close to his location, basically in-between Jim Leonard and Mike Theiss locations... Every time I watch Charley video I swear I start to get flash backs!!! I know I'm OBSESSED with hurricanes but I think everyone will enjoy the videos!!!

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